by Johnito

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released October 12, 2015




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Johnito The Hague, The Netherlands

Bio: blogger since 2003, activist since 1987, linux-fan since 2008, singer in Propeller since 1999, homerecording solo artist since 2007, two of my tracks made it to the best 100 songs of 2012 ever recorded in The Hague.

Email/bookings: contact[at]

Old blogs: politics and music at Blogger.

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Track Name: Resistance Is Vital (2013)
They hear all that you hear and read what you write
Have access to your mail and know your favorite site
While you fund both their wars and the other side
Now it's all exposed and you're the one they fight

This is for Bradley, the pressure is on
This is for Julian, your freedom is gone
This is for Edward, the Empire's lost son
And Dr. Kelly, you were too late to run

Ze noemden je een gek, een crimineel
Want de waarheid werd Defensie teveel
Onthulde hoe mijn privacy wordt gekraakt
En hoe verzet door geweld wordt verdacht gemaakt

Dit is voor Rop, je hebt ons voorbereid
Dit is voor Fred, gestraft voor de waarheid
Dit is voor Louis, vermoord in de strijd
Complottheorie ingehaald door de realiteit

Verzet is vitaal alleen als jij dat wilt
No more denial, resistance is vital
This is for us, because we need to act
Dit is voor ons, want verandering komt niet vanzelf
Komt niet vanzelf
Komt niet vanzelf
Track Name: Arrived (2014)

this is not who I am
I'm in a place I shouldn't be
a dire warning from inside my body told me
how this could tear my soul apart
tear my soul apart

somehow it tries to turn into someone new
someone I could never be

I've always been told
to take care of my future
Now I've arrived, at that point in time

somehow I have changed into someone new
someone I could never be

I've been trying my best
to take care of my future
But this future isn't mine

so today
I am going to say goodbye
to the places I've seen
where I shouldn't have been
So today I am going to say goodbye
to the darkness In me
I won't become someone new
only set myself free
learn to love the real me
Track Name: Summer Jammed (2011)
It's been several years since I've felt this way
Everything is going south, but I feel okay
yes I'm doing great
And I am not alone
Beauty's all around in the hearts of those
standing up for justice and change
and try to end the pain

So celebrate this moment together
Occupy the squares
Spring returns every year
Let's get the system summer jammed

You are not alone
Desperation shows in
the violence of the 1%
As our movement grows
and obviously they know

So occupy the streets
Occupy the squares
and the beaches too
Enjoy the sunshine
let your love flow
and your light
The sunshine
don't let them take it away from you

Let's reclaim all parties
our dance has begun
and revolution started
time has come now to revolt
tonight, the perfect moment

No better time than now
Time has come to evolve
let's get started tonight
Track Name: I Am Here (2011)
I Am Here

and you don't need to cry
have no fear it's
nothing but a lie
time is near for us
to learn and fly
we can change the future
if we try
you are why the world can't die
your light shines in our eyes

you are not here
but I sense you're in my heart
separate lives can’t ever keep us apart
you’re my blood as precious as can be
and when you’re hurt I sense the pain in me

You are why
I’ll always try
your light shines
through my eyes

I am here though
I’m not in the streets
just like you I’ve got
people I love to meet
this is what the movement is about
be as one and restore humanity

you are why we stand up and shine
and open our eyes
as we occupy

There’s a 1000 reasons I know
to get into the streets and strike a blow
to banksters and politicians they show
they’re puppets on a string
time for them to go
I don’t know how the world will be
for the generation coming after me
I don’t care if the cops hunt me
if that’s wat it takes than so it be
Kid, one day you’ll realize how
all the occupiers on the squares and me
we took the heat out of love for you
we did what we did and we do what we do
Don’t believe the lies on your tv
or the DOD-approved movie
Stay close to your heart
and stick to Love
to make sure
you’ll BE FREE
Track Name: Total Collapse (2008)
Dirty wars started in your name, your soul is being used, in this vicious game, everyday pumped in your head, time to face a total collapse, fear is pumped inside your head, time to face a total collapse, tell me are you ready now?

Are you ready,tell me are you ready now?

Everyday pumped in your head, time to face total collapse, fear is pumped inside your head, time to face a total collapse

Are you ready for a revolution, are you ready, there's only one solution, are you ready to take it in your own hand are you ready to take a stand, are you ready to let love come first, are you ready for the day the bubble bursts, are you ready for a revolution
Track Name: Mermaid (2012)
Once I met a mermaid
born out of the sea

the water is her home
but she came to me

she teaches me how to swim
as I almost drowned in life
she saved the heart of me
I'll love her endlessly

the water is her home
but she came to me
Track Name: Point Of No Return (2007)
In this world gone crazy where profits are gained out of pain
leaders are telling lies about the reasons they want us to go to war
they even are not ashamed to attack their own and put the blame on you
claiming it's a religion that causes our kids to fade away
but now is the moment to make them see we are refusing
to bow down to fearmongering and justify their illusions yeah

neocon madmen, they wrote it all in their plan
a world wide corporate junta taking our privacy away
in the name of the dollar and a middle east racist regime
blaming the victim, bombing the children
it doesn't have to be that way

we can make a choice before the point of no return
we can take our life back it's the point of no return
Track Name: Nothing To Hide (2011)
See those eyes are watching us, the spooks are all ears.
Legitimized by greed and wars, creating reasons for fears.
Dictators get our full support, unless they claim their shares.
And suddenly we'll hear we're "under attack",
and send our soldiers over there.

The hate our freedoms! We've come to bring democracy! Don't you know they want to nuke us? We should bomb them to death, to restore "human rights"

Nothing to hide?

you'll give away your fingerprints, and show all you do online

Secrets are no secrets no more, do you really think that's fine?

Nothing to hide?

Your life is ours

Your mail is ours

Your pictures are ours

Get back to work

Pay our banks

Nothing to hide?

Your fear is our freedom...

And so it begins...
Track Name: Earth 1.9 (2009)
The fires from last night r still burning in my brain
but at least we've chased the cops away
no more illusions left to defend for them

But now it's time to wake up
Baby won't u rise up
For tonight no more walls will stand

Those who were in charge now have lost their slaves
And their gods upon the tradefloors have no reason to stay
Your faith and color of skin r now irrelevant

No we won't be divided anymore
No me against u anymore
No need to obey this system anymore
No criminalizing and dehumanizing anymore

So take ur time and open ur mind
open ur heart
reclaim ur life

We fell through the curtain of time and space
me u our friends our foes we all r human race
we have the means to make things right and to follow
our heart and conscience and reboot again

Be free again, meet again, love again, play again, yea play again, even act as a child again

Welcome to Earth 1.9

Don't be afraid to dream, for there's no such thing as being unrealistic

There is only fear or love