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Currently this track, remastered by Paul Ashmore (Audio Animals) is featured on the charity album "Be Free" by Artists 4 Freedom. All funds will support victims and survivors of human trafficking and modern slavery. More info on this project, and links to major download stores:



I Am Here

and you don't need to cry
have no fear it's
nothing but a lie
time is near for us
to learn and fly
we can change the future
if we try
you are why the world can't die
your light shines in our eyes

you are not here
but I sense you're in my heart
separate lives can’t ever keep us apart
you’re my blood as precious as can be
and when you’re hurt I sense the pain in me

You are why
I’ll always try
your light shines
through my eyes

I am here though
I’m not in the streets
just like you I’ve got
people I love to meet
this is what the movement is about
be as one and restore humanity

you are why we stand up and shine
and open our eyes
as we occupy

There’s a 1000 reasons I know
to get into the streets and strike a blow
to banksters and politicians they show
they’re puppets on a string
time for them to go
I don’t know how the world will be
for the generation coming after me
I don’t care if the cops hunt me
if that’s wat it takes than so it be
Kid, one day you’ll realize how
all the occupiers on the squares and me
we took the heat out of love for you
we did what we did and we do what we do
Don’t believe the lies on your tv
or the DOD-approved movie
Stay close to your heart
and stick to Love
to make sure
you’ll BE FREE


from Projekto Ribelo​:​Arrived (Bonus Edition), track released May 10, 2012




Johnito The Hague, The Netherlands

Bio: blogger since 2003, activist since 1987, linux-fan since 2008, singer in Propeller since 1999, homerecording solo artist since 2007, two of my tracks made it to the best 100 songs of 2012 ever recorded in The Hague.

Email/bookings: contact[at]johnito.nl


Old blogs: politics and music at Blogger.

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